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Business and Corporate Law Experts in Los Angeles, CA

Mohajerian PC provides practical business and legal solutions for our clients. We strive to understand the unique aspects of each client’s business and then work to implement a customized, proactive approach to meet the client’s goals. Our practical approach helps our clients prevent disputes among principals, between principals and employees, and with competitors and customers.

The laws that govern and regulate businesses and entrepreneurs are vast and numerous. Mohajerian PC can help you get on the right track with your business by interpreting the law and counseling you on the proceedings of your business.

It is virtually impossible to give a complete account of all the laws and loopholes that could affect the formation and operation of an emerging company. There are a number of legal issues, though, of which you should be aware and that our attorneys will assist you with. The most common types of laws that may apply to your business fall into several categories:

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Business Formation:

A variety of state laws govern what steps you need to take to properly form and operate the business entity (partnership, corporation or limited liability company, etc.) you choose to form.

Consumer Protection:

Many federal and state laws protect consumers from fraudulent business acts, misleading advertisements and defective products. These laws also mandate various credit rules and disclosures. We defend businesses from some of the frivolous claims brought under these laws.


A number of laws may affect the contents of your contracts. But many will purely be the subject of negotiations, so make sure you know the key issues when negotiating and preparing contracts.


A fair number of laws regulate hiring. Pay particular attention to laws forbidding discrimination based on sex, race, religion, age, etc.