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When business owners start a new franchise, both the franchisees and the franchise owners benefit.

But the legal implications of franchise businesses can get complicated. At Mohajerian Law Corporation, our franchise attorneys in Los Angeles, CA represents franchisors and franchisees. We have extensive experience helping franchises create agreements and resolve conflicts.

Our full-service law firm is ready to assist with any legal services related to franchise, licensing, and distribution.

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Legal Services for Franchisors

As a franchisor, you want your franchisees to accurately represent your business. Whether you are a first-time franchisor or you have hundreds of franchisees, our franchise attorney can help you with the following services in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Franchise Litigation
  • Franchisee Relations Advisement
  • Franchise State Registration
  • Franchise Systems Development
  • UFOC Development
  • Franchise Feasibility Evaluation
  • Mediation & Arbitration

Our franchise attorney can offer timely legal counsel to help you work with your franchisees. We can also help you resolve disputes with your franchisees by representing your business in litigation and mediation.

Legal Services for Franchisees

As a franchisee in Los Angeles, CA, you hope to build a prosperous business. We can help you do that with our legal services for both single-unit and multi-unit franchisees:

  • Franchise Agreement Termination
  • Class Action Defense
  • Franchise Litigation
  • Franchisee Collective Bargaining
  • Lease Negotiation & Reviews
  • Repurchase Negotiation
  • UFOC Evaluation

As you start your business, we can counsel you on how to maintain a working relationship with your franchisor. Our advice helps you avoid legal problems. If a legal issue does arise, we fight to protect your financial interests.

Other Franchise-Related Services

Turn to our franchise attorney for any of your franchise needs in Los Angeles, CA. Unlike large, expensive law firms, we provide local, affordable services for any of the following:

  • Broker/Finder's Agreements
  • Co-Branding Agreements
  • Dual & Multi Agreements
  • Due Diligence Franchisor Services
  • Franchise Law Compliance
  • Supplies Contract Negotiations
  • Subfranchisor Registration

As a full-service law firm, we can help work out all franchising details. We can help you:

  • Develop, operate, and expand franchise systems
  • Negotiate and document financing and loan transactions
  • Resolve franchise and dealer disputes through arbitration, mediation, and litigation
  • Incorporate asset management strategies, including development transactions, sale lease back transactions, and real estate disposition
  • Resolve terminations and other relationship issues
  • Develop distribution agreements, marketing, and strategies
  • Protect and license trade secrets, service marks, and trademarks
  • Acquire intellectual property
  • Implement franchise finance programs
  • Develop franchise licensing and renewals
  • Develop international franchising and distribution
  • Prepare uniform offering circulars
  • Understand registration and disclosure
  • Develop franchise agreements
  • Structure franchise and distribution programs
  • Develop public offerings, private placements, and financing
  • Comply with federal and state franchise laws
  • Complete mergers and acquisitions
  • Draft employment agreements, related contracts, and leases

Our franchise attorney is familiar with both general franchise statutes as well as statutes affecting specific industries in Los Angeles, CA.

We develop close relationships with our clients as we help their businesses grow. We look forward to helping your business as well. Call for a consultation at (310) 556-3800.